A review of all appointments made in Pakistani state owned corporations, foreign based operations and our embassy during the past 10 years will reveal that merit has been violated and people with highly controversial and questionable qualifications, integrity and serious security flaws have managed to hold sensitive assignments. PIA and its subsidiaries are amongst such organisations, whose losses and liabilities have far exceed their assets, yet men with criminal and questionable background have managed to seek employment in Toronto, New York, Chicago, South Africa, London, Manchester, Barcelona, Paris, Jeddah, UAE, Australia etc, although far more qualified men with impeccable character were available.

The massive pilferage in revenue, procurement and catering are joint efforts of some of these locally employed staff and their benefactors based in PIA Head Office and Islamabad. The institutionalised corruption, within these organisations, our embassies and Pakistan state owned banks have brought a very bad name to Pakistan and majority of our honest hardworking loyal expatriates. These few rotten eggs form part of a very organised money laundering network, which operates with support of few powerful corrupt bureaucratic and political elite have driven Pakistan to bankruptcy.

It is no coincidence that Canada has become second home of the corrupt civil and uniformed elite, who are involved in massive flight of capital from Pakistan. From the brother of a very controversial politician based in London, who works in sensitive and important section like NADRA, to other controversial appointments, in violation of merit, were made in PIA’s Toronto office, there seems to uniformity only in excessive irregularities that have occurred during past ten years. One wonders why those holding Pakistani nationality alone are denied these foreign postings.


Peshawar, June 26.