A few days ago when I passed on main Shaheed-e-Millat Road, I saw that the trees, which were planted on the belt in the middle of the road were being cut. Today, when I passed on the same road again, I saw that many new billboards had been erected in their place. The trees were chopped down to make more billboards available to the advertisers to publicize their products.

What a country, full of people who are only interested in making money for the next few years and leaving behind a legacy of barren land. If four decades ago someone had had the foresight to build the Kalabagh dam we would not be suffering such severe loadshedding and if we stop cutting the trees we may leave behind a better country for our children and generations to come. Trees are extremely necessary for the environment and especially in such a densely populated city like Karachi, where there is also a lot of pollution, more and more trees should be planted, but here unfortunately, instead of planting trees, they are being cut down for material gains of a few individuals while the after-effects of this are being overlooked. Is there any authority or organisation, or anyone in the government who is educated and care for his country?


Karachi, June 25.