LAHORE - Federal information and broadcasting secretary Agha Nadeem has consented to become chief patron of the Cricket Commentators Club of Pakistan (CCCP). CCCP secretary Raja Asad Ali Khan has been informed about the decision through a notification by the ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The club has been formed to help and facilitate PBC and PTV to produce, promote and groom quality commentators likes of Omer Qureshi, Jamshed Marker, Iftikhar Ahmed, Munir Hussain, Chishty Mujahid, M Idris, Hassan Jalil, Shahzad Hammayun, Tariq Bucha and Tariq Rahim. Meanwhile, CCCP patron Munir Hussain expressed his pleasure about federal information secretary gesture for becoming the chief patron of the CCCP and hoped the PBC and PTV commentary would reach greater heights of popularity once again. –Staff Reporter