quitting - Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal), in a surprise move, has decided to sit in the parliament to defend Baloch rights.A party announcement confirmed that the opinion sought from the party workers and activists from all over Balochistan favoured using the platform of parliament and assemblies for protecting the national rights of the Baloch people and exposing anti-Baloch policies in the form of military operations.The workers and political activists of the party from all districts of Balochistan were of the opinion that the party should use the forum of parliament and assemblies as a tool for national struggle advancing the legitimate Baloch national interests in future. By taking this decision, the BNP members of Parliament and the Balochistan Assembly will take oath as members and play their democratic role in parliamentary politics. Keeping in view the sentiments of the party activists, it was decided to raise the voice against injustices inside the parliament and the assembly.The party assured the Baloch people in general that centre of BNP’s politics was Balochistan and its people. The party vowed to fight back all the henchmen of the establishment and anti-Baloch elements with full force and commitment.BNP-M considered the May 11 elections as a victory because the Baloch people in general had voted for the party. They also reposed trust in the dynamic leadership of Sardar Akhtar Mengal as the party president, the announcement claimed.BNP-M vowed to oppose and condemn the continued military operation started in 2005. The party announcement alleged certain powerful elements were making efforts to enslave the Baloch people permanently and usurp the riches of Balochistan in the shape of mineral wealth in Reko Dik, Saindak Copper and Gold Project, Dudar Lead and Zinc Project, Gawadar Port and unending Baloch coastline.It strongly condemned target killing of politicians, political activists, students, lawyers, doctors, poets, teachers and other professional as part of ethnic cleansing of the Baloch people. The BNP vowed to defend Balochi language, Baloch culture and civilization. Meanwhile, seasoned political observers welcomed the decision of BNP-M to participate in the parliamentary politics, strengthening the elected institutions against the misrule of state functionaries.