Domicile certificate is a document that is required for admission in an institute in Pakistan. Paper trail is an important part of our lives and as such it has become more difficult. Getting a National Identification Card or Passport or a Domicile has become so difficult that it is hindering the youngsters from applying for higher education. The system has become a playground which promotes bribery on every step.

This certificate confirms where you belong to, where you were born, before, this was made by a gazette officer and then signed by an oath commissioner in the court, and the whole process would take a day or so. Now it has been handed over to a local ‘Patwari’, then forwarded to a Tehsildar for signing, lastly, it has to be signed by the Commissioner. The whole process takes three to five days. Mostly these officers, the Patwari and Tehsildar are not available in their offices. The rules in a country should be made to facilitate the masses, but in Pakistan they are amended to create problems for the honest, while criminals can get any kind of document by paying these same dishonest officials. Many students are unable to apply for admission due to this lengthy procedure. The authorities are requested to make this easy for all the youth who want to go for higher education.


D.I.Khan, June 25.