The incident in Gilgit Baltistan on June 23, 2013 was the most unfortunate and heinous act of terrorism. Killing guests to our country, who come to enjoy the beautiful environment is a criminal act. It is an attack not only to malign Pakistan as an unsafe country for foreigners, but has also snatched away the livelihood of the poor people who have been relying on tourism industry for decades.

Every now and then we hear the mantra from the high-ups of interior ministry that the law and order is a provincial subject. It may be true but creating peace is a collective responsibility. It is about time that we should sit together to chalk out a policy against terrorism and make this country a peaceful place for our children so that they do not go through the anguish we are facing for nearly over a decade now. We have buried nearly fifty thousands of our sons and daughters. The terrorists who have admitted the responsibility of killing them should be dealt with harshly. If we do not act now then there will be no one left to even mourn these killings.


Islamabad, June 24.