Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani says the armies of Sri Lanka and Pakistan have enjoyed the highest degree of mutual trust and cooperation.

He was addressing the passing out parade at Sri Lankan Military Academy on Saturday.

Army chief said he is certain that this trust and collaboration would further strengthen in the times ahead. He said Pakistan Army would continue to support Sri Lankan Army in its pursuit of excellence.

He said Sri Lanka and Pakistan are both peace loving countries and regardless of internal and external challenges‚ our armed forces persistently seek peace within the region and beyond. He said we desire regional stability based on a balance of power that promotes respect for each other's sovereignty and discourages any form of quest for dominance and hegemony.

He said the impressive military bearing‚ immaculate turnout and outstanding standard of drill‚ displayed today‚ not only proved the quality of training imparted in this institution but also indicated the urge to pursue excellence‚ which is the hallmark of Sri Lankan nation and its valiant armed forces.

General Kayani said Sri Lankan Army has proved its mettle under the most trying circumstances and has emerged victorious not only in the context of purging the society of militancy and violence but also in pursuit of post conflict peace and stability.

He said during three decades of conflict and the ensuing rebuilding phase‚ Pakistan always stood by and wholeheartedly supported Sri Lanka and its armed forces‚ both in moral as well as material realm.

The army chief said desire for peace is our greatest strength‚ which places us at a high moral ground and affords us the poise and confidence to exercise restraint‚ even once incited or provoked.

He congratulated all Officer Cadets on their richly deserved commission in the Army.