ISLAMABAD: The 2-track hidden diplomacy between Pakistan and Indian officials is continuing, while high officials of both countries have agreed on the necessity of direct links between high officials of two countries, besides enhancing trade and economic links.

It has also been agreed to expand the scope of these talks and links to that of between military and intelligence bigwigs, while Indian representatives have also urged for immediate position of “Most Favored Nation” status fort their country.

Sources said that a recent Thailand based meeting of both countries was also held as jointly arranged by Jinnah Institute and Melbourne’s Australia-India Institute where a detailed stock of existing relations between two countries in various fields.

The participation of Pakistani Premier Mian Nawaz Sharif in the oath-taking ceremony of Indian Prime Minister was also lauded , while it was also hoped that appointment of Ajeet Doval in place of Shiv Shankar Menon as Indian security advisor to would have no negative impact.

The possibilities and modalities of elimination of such incidents as  ‘Mumbai attacks’ were also mulled , as officials of both countries agreed that in order to control the situation both countries should form a joint forum to deal with any such and other crisis.

Enhancing trade issues, specially relating to across-LoC trade have also been stressed, while diplomats of both countries have unanimously agreed against interfering in internal affairs of Afghanistan.

Enhancing media ties was also stressed, since both agree that media was an excellent source of enhancing relationship between two.