Pakistan Army has set up relief camp at Children Park for collection of donations in cash and kind for the provision of assistance to the internally displace people (IDPs) of North Waziristan.

In this connection Army officers from Gujranwala Cantt visited Hafizabad and announced establishment of a relief camp. They appealed to the philanthropists and God fearing people to ensure maximum donations for helping the IDPs during their hours of distress. They said that the IDPs had left their homes in North Waziristan for the sake of Pakistan and it was the religious and national duty every national to provide them maximum assistance regarding their food and lodging. The army officers also held detailed meeting with the DCO Mansoor Qadir and heads of other departments.

Meanwhile, all employees of district above grade-16 have donated one day salary for the IDPs, the DCO said here.

Different religious organisations including Jamaatud Dawa and NGOs have also started collecting donations for the IDPs. Most of the local Ulema during their sermons have also called upon the people to donate for the IDPs and have prayed for the success of Army Operation against the terrorists in North Waziristan.

In Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan Army established a relief camp at District Complex to collect relief goods for the IDPs of North Waziristan. The philanthropists have been appealed to donate items including flour, pulses, dry milk, tea leaves, cloths etcetera for the people who had been displaced due to military operation in their areas.

In-charge Relief Camp Capt Muddassar said the donated cash and relief items would be dispatched to camps where these displaced people have the shelter. About progress on collection of relief goods, the in-charge said response from public so far has been slow. During first three days lawyers had responded and deposited over Rs30,000 in cash. He said the district complex was about 7-KM away from the city and that’s why it could not attract the public attention.