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Kate Bosworth says Michael Polish's mind is what attracted her to him.

The 31-year-old beauty met director Michael Polish in 2011 when they worked together on drama Big Sur. They married in August last year and the star revealed what drew her to the 43-year-old filmmaker. ‘His mind,’ she smiled to British magazine OK! ‘I'd never worked with someone so talented; I was immediately intrigued. I still am, every day.’

Kate and Michael will celebrate their first wedding anniversary on August 31. They tied the knot in Michael's father's home state and Kate spilled all about their big day. ‘We married in Montana, as it's a place that's so close to our hearts,’ she revealed. ‘The four-day event was so action-packed - there was horseback riding and archery! For our reception dinner, it was important to us to keep it very relaxed, so we had a big barbecue, family-style meal.’

The Hollywood couple still seem to be in the honeymoon phase, and Kate recently revealed how romantic her other half is. Despite their hectic lifestyles, they always make time for touching gestures. ‘I like collecting love notes from my husband,’ she previously opened up to Collider. 

Kate's upcoming projects include drama Still Alice and horror thriller Somnia, which both have a 2015 release date. Michael has also directed her in mystery Unconscious, which also stars Wes Bentley and Olivia Rose Keegan.