LAHORE - There is no ban on mango import from Pakistan to EU countries including the UK, as some government officials with vested interests are spreading rumours regarding export ban on mangoes.

This was the claim of Punjab Exporters Association president Usman Ch, who said that this self imposed ban on mango export has caused a loss of Rs200-400 million to each exporter, besides causing govt revenue loss of Rs2-3 million.- 

Expressing serious concerns over the cartelization against the smooth export of mangos to European and western markets, Punjab Exporters Association urged the government to help them export their mangoes for the better interest of the country. Punjab Exporters Association president Usman Ch claimed that government departments have not shown any letter or notification which shows that EU has imposed ban on mango export from Pakistan.

He hold bureaucracy responsible for mango export halt to the EU countries. He blamed that Pakistan Horticulture Development Company CEO Bashir Hussain, Department of Plant Protection DG Dr. Mubarak and several other high officials, including assistant directors and deputy directors, have become hurdle in the way of mango export from Punjab.

Usman Ch also pointed out that over 72 per cent mango production is from Punjab and 100 per cent export is processed through Lahore airport but no hot water treatment plant is set up in Lahore under the supply chain project.

He alleged that Horticulture Export Development Company in connivance with Durrani Associates have installed such plant in Karachi with amount of Rs2.3 million, leading to sharp decline in mango export from Punjab.

The Punjab exporters Association is trying to approach Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif, federal commerce minister Khurram Dastgir, federal agriculture minister Sikandar Bosan, Punjab finance minister Mujtaba Shuja Ur Rehman and food minister Bilal Yasin but unable to hold meeting with anyone of them to raise this serious issue of national interest.

Usman Ch, who is considered one of the major exporters of Pakistan, said that the stoppage of mango export was tantamount to discrimination as some people in the department concerned were creating hurdles in the way of traders who had no political backing.

Usman said that only those exporters were allowed to send their mangoes abroad who were blue-eyed and closed to some senior officials of the department concerned.