With the start of Operation Zarb-e-Azb, a ‘campaign against’ and ‘campaign for’ has also started in the social media, as well as in the print and electronic media. The campaigners seem to be the same 'old men' of their respective camps. Many of them should presumably be on the establishment’s payroll, who are probably duty-bound to project the military’s point of view. This may be a routine affair, but the question is, is it the pro campaigners who should be defending this operation or should it be the state and the government’s ‘obligation’ to defend it?

If our political leadership questions this operation then they do not understand the damage they are inflicting. This will adversely affect the morale of our troops fighting. I would like to request everyone not to spread negative propaganda on social websites, Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn and Google, etc. Newspaper owners must issue instructions to editorial and news page managements to avoid carrying material damaging the national cause.

There should be an overall support garnered from all segments of society. This is no time to play political games. There should be passion and backing for our soldiers who are putting their lives in danger. This is no less a war than the 1965 or the 1971 wars. We, who sit comfortably at home, should at least be praying for our brave fathers, brothers, and sons fighting for us!


Islamabad, June 19.