WASHINGTON - While reiterating that the ongoing offensive in North Waziristan to clear the tribal area of militants is entirely a Pakistani-executed operation, the United States has said it is monitoring the situation of the internally displaced persons and was ready to cooperate in relief efforts.

“We’ve long supported Pakistani efforts to extend writ of government throughout their country and increase internal stability,” Marie Harf, deputy spokesperson at the State Department, told reporters at the daily press briefing on Friday.

“In terms of the displaced persons’ issue, we are closely monitoring the situation, in coordination with the humanitarian community,” she said, responding to question.

“We do understand that the Pakistan government is working with the appropriate international and donor organisations to ensure that assistance is in place for displaced people and their families. The United States government is a major contributor to such organisations and we stand ready to assist the IDPs in any way we can,” she added.

When an Indian correspondent asked her whether the US was concerned about political instability, civil unrest and lack of basic facilities for the people in Pakistan, the spokesperson said, “Broadly speaking, we’ve said that we are working with the government of Pakistan not just on security issues like our shared counterterrorism interests but also on education, economic and energy issues. We work together on host of topics. We know that Pakistan has challenges, but are also committed to working with them,” she asserted.

Over half a million people in Pakistan have been displaced due to the ongoing military operation against terrorists in North Waziristan tribal region.