lahore - Former Punjab law minister Rana Sanaullah has presented seven questions against the four presented by PTI Chairman Imran Khan in Bahawalpur. Sana said that Imran did not wait for the given one-month deadline to answer his questions to be up and announced a long march. He said that Imran should name the 35 constituencies which were allegedly “punctured” and also tell whether the PTI candidates in these constituencies lodged complaints with the election tribunal or not. He said that Imran wanted to cordon off the federal government. He said that the PTI has formed the government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), and asked why the people of the other three provinces are being punished by ‘imaginary complaints’ from one province.

Speaking about Imran’s claim to gather one million people in Islamabad on August 14, Sana said the PTI chief should tell that ‘under which law, constitution, moral and democratic values he could impose the opinion of one million people over rest of the population. He said Imran announced that he would hang those who touched the PTI workers with his own hands. He questioned that under which law Imran would hang them.

He said that in ancient times, the death sentence was awarded to a shudra (untouchable) touching a Brahmin. “Does Imran consider his workers to be Brahmin and the entire nation as shudras?” he asked. Sana said that Imran became a national leader as a result of the 2013 polls so why does he want to become “Tara Masih” by hanging people with his own hands instead of playing the role of a national leader. “The nation wants to know the answers of these questions,” said Sana.