ISLAMABAD - After the launch of 3G/4G services, the people, who are not even using internet services, are suffering due to distortion in normal cellular services as the telecom companies are still unable to resolve all the technical issues involved in shifting from 2nd generation technology to 3rd generation or 4th generation technology.

As per market sources, the people who are not using internet services are reporting complaints about call disconnections. The sources said that when they call the customer service centers of their concerned cellular service, they admit that there is a problem at the moment due to shifting of technology and that will be resolved in few days.

But the sources said that when a customer has to reconnect his/her call that cost extra charges and the company take no responsibility for that financial loss. A user Arslan said that he is facing signal dropping problem for many days that disconnects call. He said that when he called the customer service center of his cellular company, they admitted that there was a problem and they were trying to resolve it.

People using 3G enabled phones are suffering from other kinds of problems. Some companies have offered a limit of 3G internet facility to its subscribers for a certain period of time. Though it is a facility the company is offering but at the same time it is costing the customers in a sense that when the limit ends, they do not receive message from the cellular company and unknowing exceed the given limit and then they have to pay for the extra charges for the internet use. Almost all the companies have set the price of 3G/4G internet very high so after exceeding the limit if an individual is using prepaid connection, he/she finds a rapid drop in balance. Otherwise, if he/she is using postpaid connection then receives huge bill.

Sources believed that the companies should resolve these problems as soon as possible, and in case of financial loss of subscribers the companies should take responsibility as the law bounds them to do so.