Our valiant Army, fully backed by the gallant falcons of Pakistan Air-Force, joined hands to launch a massive operation against terrorists in North Waziristan (NW). Compelled by circumstances, after failure of the talks initiated by the government with TTP, those at the helm were left with no choice but to go for a large scale military operation against them. The entire nation, regardless of cast, creed, religion or personal differences must rise to the occasion and stand like a rock by its armed forces and the government.

These terrorists have been terrorizing our nation for more than a decade. Killing innocent people, destroying institutions of strategic importance and shattering the country’s economy. This military operation has finally brought an end to the dilemma that the country was caught in. Long debates and divided opinions on the critical issue of terrorism in the country resulted in inaction against the perpetrators. Indecision on the part of the government emboldened them.

Can we hope that the country will now begin to move towards normality and stability once more? We will have to ensure that our borders are sealed and an infallible security is expeditiously put in place, to be able to attain our goal of establishing peace in the country successfully. The ISPR stated in its press release that we must also ensure that the enemies of the state are denied space everywhere across the country.


Islamabad, June 24.