Two gangmen identified as Zulfiqar and Nasir, guarding railways track between Wazirabad and Gujrat, were crushed by Peshawar-bound, 1-Up Khyber Mail here the other night.

According to details, Zulfiqar, son of Riasat Ali and Nasir, son of Abdul Haq, both gangmen supposed to examine railways track and repair wherever and whenever required in 6-km-long railways section from Katthala to Shadiwal Gate between Wazirabad and Gujrat. They were patrolling the track during night when they, having hand free mike in their ears, fell asleep. In the meanwhile, Peshawar-bound Khyber Mail passing though the area crushed them into pieces.

According to the train driver, as soon as the moving train came closer one of them rose and tried to run but it was too late and was hit by the engine.

The Gujrat Saddr Police rushed to spot and investigated the scene and fact surrounded the incident. Both the gangmen were resident of Railway Colony Wazirabad.

The police after legal-medico formalities handed over the dead bodies to the families.