On 11 September 2012 over 289 innocent labourers, working in Baldia Town garment factory, were burned alive and yet after the lapse of almost three years, not a single person has been held responsible, for what was established by JIT as a deliberate and horrible planned massacre, for refusing to pay extortion by owners. Were these not human beings or citizens of Pakistan that such horrific barbarity, committed in cold blood, is to be forgotten for the sake of political exigency?

These were sons, daughters, fathers and mothers, human beings and citizens of Pakistan, not flies or mosquitoes. Where is the conscience of this nation, in hibernation or dead? Everybody including Federal Government, Provincial Government, Security and Intelligence Agencies and major political parties who held posts or are today in power will be answerable to Allah on the Day of Judgment, and no amount of Umrah or Hajj or Dasterkhwans for poor, or charity donations will help them evade responsibility.

The DSP investigating this horrible tragedy was killed and the message was loud and clear, either the state submits to terrorism and perishes, or it stands up and establishes its writ and rule of law. If the state bows and compromise on such a brutality, than this state and its elected government has no right to collect taxes, or govern, if it cannot protect the people.


Lahore, June 14.