Asif Zardari’s recent tirade against law enforcement agencies and in particularly against Pakistan Army, during a speech was uncalled for, especially in current situation when the Army and other law enforcement agencies are busy protecting motherland from both internal and external threats. This ill-timed reaction clearly indicates Mr Zardari’s frustration over his party’s pathetic performance in Karachi, as they completely failed to control the law and order situation. There is not an iota of doubt that DG Rangers, reported during the apex committee meeting, which exposed not only PPP but also other political parties, regarding their involvement in illegal activities has made Mr Zardari angry and upset. However, it’s better that instead of playing from the gallery; he should give vent to his anger and aggression over his party’s poor performance all over Pakistan and in particularly in Karachi where they are governing, as confrontation with the institutions is not good for the country.


Lahore, June 18.