This is not the first time that we are having scorching summer and it won’t be the last, every year summer comes bringing suffering for the poor due to bad governance of resources and no planning. The same can be said about the floods, I am afraid this year won’t be different; the monsoons will hit this part of the world. Thousands dying because of lack of water and millions will die, because of uncontrollable water! The only way of redemption is to build as many dams as we can. It is ironic that whatever few dams we have were built during dictator’s rule.

No democratic ruler was strong enough to build a dam, not Asif Zardari nor Nawaz Sharif, both riding the uncontrollable tiger of democracy which has only promoted corruption. So far it looks like a distance dream that any democratic government would build any dams. Our government needs to set their priorities right, they need to understand that Metro Or Orange Line project are not the primary needs of people but dams are.


Lahore, June 24.