Modern slavery is a multibillion dollar industry with estimates of up to $ 35 billion generated annually. Despite illegal in every nation, it is still present in several forms today.

According to Global slavery index 2016, Pakistan ranked 3rd in modern slavery. Forced labor in farming, fishing and manufacturing, commercial sex work and forced marriage are worst types of slavery in Pakistan. About two million people are in bonded labor in our country.

Unfortunately, bonded labor and feudalism have become the foundations of our political system. All the political forces have big land lords, businessmen and rich people in their ranks. They always protect their interests during making laws in parliament. So called labor laws have passed but there is no implementation. Slavery is also illegal in Pakistan.

I urge the government to look more closely at illicit labor recruitment. Crack down on the illegal companies that provide conduit in which people end up in slavery.


Faisalabad, June 1.