KARACHI - Caretaker Minister for Information Technology Jameel Yusuf visited at various departs of the Sindh Information Technology Department while showing displeasure over the construction/renovation maintained lying in corridor of the department.

He directed the DG to immediately remove errors without any delay. He has also directed that all officials attend office regularly and observe punctuality and make their office neat and clean. He attended the departmental briefing, where he briefed by the IT Secretary Agha Zaheeruddin, informed him about the various development projects/schemes completed during the year.

The minister directed that all the provincial and district government projects to ensure IT waiting should be get into technical assistance and feedback, so that all IT projects could be beneficial and result oriented for general public.

He has also desired that Sindh IT Board may also be taken up for betterment and technical solution of the project throughout the Sindh province, as the present era of information science technology and it is basic and an important sector which give positive results and impact on our daily life.

The secretary further briefed that information technology was established in 2002 with a mission to act as an enabler for building a knowledge based society.

The department aims at realising the true potential of e-governance in the province by enhancing internal efficiencies and improving public service delivery.

He briefed that five ongoing schemes, four new schemes and three additional initiatives have already been launched in the current financial year already under public private partnership safe city Karachi, domicile/PRC automation project, Arfa Karim IT Scheme of Rs47.50, 50.5 and 55 million respectively.