So MMA election manifesto claims they want Shariat. We already have Shariat. We have CII, a Federal Shariat Court, and harsh medieval sharia laws on the books relating to alcohol, fornication, adultery, and theft.

We already have blasphemy laws mandating death and life imprisonment that are the most backward in the world. Pakistani legal system operates on a regressive law of Evidence that treats two women as equal to one man in legal matters and the court. So what more do the Mullahs want? Let them come out and tell us how else they want Pakistan to regress to the 10th century. They want to lock up all the women behind closed doors.

Chador and chardivari? They want Zia era culture, with these punishments enforced, i.e. chopping off limbs, whipping and stoning to death to take place, which aside from flogging even Zia failed to implement. And they probably want a religious police force. This is their primitive idea of progress, the mullah utopia.

Jesus Christ said, “Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.” Jesus Christ changed water into red wine at a wedding party as a miracle of Allah, and he and the apostles all drank wine at The Last Supper. So I feel I can, as a true Muslim follower of all the Prophets, we as Muslims claim to believe in drink all alcohol merrily. This is my idea of Shariat. Cheers!

We need a law that disallows religion’s use in electoral politics and keeps the two separate, like Kamal Ataturk’s Turkey. MMA (Military Mullah Alliance) and TLYR and MML (Military Mullah Lathi [baton]) should all be banned for appealing to religious sentiments which is their Lowest Common Denominator. Religion in Pakistan, today, is the last refuge of the scoundrel, not patriotism. What the Mullahs want is further Talibanization. Mullah Shariat is against humanity.


USA, June 20.