ISLAMABAD -  Advocate Amjad Pervez, the Defence Counsel of Maryam Nawaz and Captain (Retd) Muhammad Safdar on Thursday contended that the National Accountability Bureau in its investigation did not identify any distinction between ownership of London apartments, income sources and subsequent expenditures and the difference between income and expenses.

He stated this while making conclusive arguments in the Avenfield corruption reference in the Accountability Court.

Meanwhile, the court approved one-day additional exemption for Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif from the court's appearance.

A petition was filed in the court seeking seven days exemption for Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif but the court allowed exemption for Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif for only Thursday's hearing.

Amjad Pervez pointed out that JIT in its report not only misled the apex court but also made an attempt to mislead the Accountability Court.

He underlined that it was responsibility of the prosecution to identify ownership of London apartments, adding it was also the responsibility of the prosecution to identify the known sources of income and subsequent expenditures and relevant difference between income and expenses of the owners of London apartments.

The Defence Counsel also said that the prosecution in its interim investigative report, final investigative report, interim reference and final reference, statement of 342 and on charge sheet did not make any arguments.

Meanwhile, Amjad Pervez in his Defence before the Accountability Court also quoted the references of Pir Mazarul Haq case, Qasim Shah case, Ghulam Sarwar Lilwani case and Muhammad Hayat case.

He said that in case the prosecution has been making efforts to prove its case against the accused, they (accused) own the right and liberty to prove their innocence. In the corruption reference, he said, the prosecution has failed to prove its case against Sharif Family, said Amjad Pervez.

The Defence Counsel also stated that the prosecution has not provided Volume 10 of Panama JIT report, which can harm the investigation statue and some conclusive things have also been concealed.

He said that he would complete his final arguments till Tuesday.  The conclusive arguments of Amjad Pervez were continued when Judge Accountability Court Muhammad Bashir adjourned the hearing till Friday, June 29, 2018.