President Sustainable Tourism Foundation Pakistan (STFP) Aftab ur Rahman Rana Friday said that tourism flow had witnessed increase due to improvement of roads in the country. Talking to APP, he said that establishment of tourism infrastructure would help in job creation and poverty alleviation.

He said that China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) would further boost tourism flow in the country, adding that the increased connectivity after the development of rail and road links between Kashgar, China and Pakistan would be convenient for people to travel.

He said that there would be a massive increase in the visitor to explore the spectacular landscapes of Northern Areas.

He said that CPEC would open doors for economic and tourism opportunities.

“It is a mega project that will lead many different ways for different sector especially in tourism.”

He said that Pakistan had had a great opportunity for the tourism development based on its spectacular

natural landscapes and unique cultural heritage.

“Tourism is one economic activity that has the potential to bring considerable benefits to the nation” he said, adding that if it was managed effectively tourism could be used as a vehicle to deliver

socio-economic benefits directly to rural and remote areas.

He said that all stakeholders should join hands to adopt the internationally recognized nature and culture friendly practices to insure the sustainable development of tourism sector in coming years.

Aftab Rana said that STFP was working closely with federal and provincial bodies responsible for promoting tourism as well as networking with private sector organizations and other like-minded national, regional and international bodies to facilitate and support synergy of policies, initiatives and activities at local and national level.