OKARA - Mian Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo, the former Punjab chief minister, refused to accept the ticket of the PPP as it then fielded Shahzad Nol as its candidate in NA-144.

Wattoo will contest the election in the constituency as independent candidate. The PTI did not issue its ticket to any candidate in the constituency. However, in the provincial wing, PP-185, under NA-144 the PTI has issued ticket to former MNA Robina Shaheen Wattoo the daughter of Mian Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo.

For second wing, PP-186, of the same NA constituency, the PTI has issued ticket to the former MPA Mian Khurram Jahangir Wattoo, the son of Mian Manzoor Ahmad Khan Wattoo. Thus, Wattoo family has risen up to contest against the PML-N.

On the other side, the political awareness created by Imran Khan among the masses seems to have been taking its toll on the politicians in the election arena.

In Banni Gala Pindi, Imran received his party men’s sit-in with wide arms and open heart as their right. The party men returned with satisfaction, said Rao Hassan Sikandar the PTI ticket holder for NA-142.

He was talking to the journalists. He said the credit goes to Imran Khan for encouraging the masses making them aware of their rights. He said now the masses had shaken the conscience of the politicians with questions and queries regarding their works.

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Earlier, the voters bowed their heads in slavish will to the politicians while casting their votes, he said. He said the politicians other than of the PTI leaders would show a miserly attitude towards paying credit to Imran Khan for creating awareness among the masses. But in every public gathering, he added, the people deck Imran Khan with credit. He said it was the simple sketch of the PTI ideology for Pakistan’s future, when every citizen would be courageous enough to question the rulers for their rights.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has established 1862 polling stations for holding general elections in Sialkot district’s all the five constituencies of national assembly and eleven constituencies of Punjab assembly.

Sialkot Deputy Commissioner Tahir Wattu stated this while giving a detailed briefing to Commissioner Gujranwala Division Asad Ullah Faiz during an important meeting held at Sialkot DC Office.

The Deputy Commissioner added that there will be 158 polling stations of A category, 1018 of B category and 686 polling stations will be of C category in Sialkot district with 4068 polling booths as well. He revealed that now the total number of the registered voters in Sialkot district is 2334498 including 133401 male voters and 1031097 female voters.

He said that as many as 3910 presiding officers, 11421 assistant presiding officers have been deputed at these polling stations in Sialkot district.

District Police Officer (DPO) Abdul Ghafar Qaisarani told the meeting that the foolproof security measures have been made to hold free, fair, transparent, impartial and peaceful polling at all the polling stations in Sialkot district. He said that the para-military troops, police and personnel of the law enforcing agencies (LEAs) will ensure the security.