KARACHI    -  The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) would carry out Karachi Awami March from Sohrab Goth to the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah on 30th June which would be led by its chief Senator Siraj-ul-Huq.

Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman has said that the march with a slogan of “Karachi Ko Izzat Do” would be the start of a movement against the ruling elite and for the resolution of the civic issues.

He expressed these views while inaugurating a central reception camp at Yousuf Plaza in connection of “Karachi Awami March here. The JI leaders including former MPA Younus Barai, Zahid Askari, Sajjad Dara, Hussain Madni, Nusratullah and others were also present on the occasion.

Addressing the participants, Hafiz Naeem appealed to the people of Karachi to participate in “Awami March” in large numbers and become the part of the movement. He directed the JI workers to setup welcome camps across the city and also distribute the pamphlets in connection of the March outside the mosques, shops and other public places.

Hafiz Naeem said that the people are deprived of basic facilities including power, water and others despite the fact that the mayor, president and governor belonged to Karachi. “JI without making a tool of any power is determined to raise the voice of the general people and will fight for the basic rights of the masses”, he added.

He said that no one was willing to own Karachi, despite the fact that the city contributes 70 percent to the national economy. He said that the federal government had allocated Rs45.5billion for Karachi in the recent budget, despite the fact that the Prime Minister Imran Khan promised to allocate Rs162billion for the development of Karachi.

The JI leader said that the sanitation condition of the city has become bad to worse, but none of the authorities including provincial government and KMC was ready to resolve the sanitation issue of Karachi, adding that the people of the city were paying taxes but in response, they get only broken roads, deteriorated infrastructure, shortage of water supply and power. He regretted that the greater water project for Karachi commonly known as K-IV could not  be completed yet despite the lapse of  11years. He was of the view that Mayor Karachi can resolve the issues of the masses by utilizing allocated budget without ‘committing’ corruption.

On the occasion, Hafiz Naeem demanded the authorities concerned to implement on National Action Plan (NAP) in its true spirit, adding that the terrorists were arrested by the law enforcing agencies during the operation, but weak prosecution system let them acquitted. He said 166 people have been killed during the last three months in robberies, street crimes and other criminal activities but the authorities concerned have failed to arrest the culprits.