KARACHI   -   Karachi Commissioner Iftikhar Shallwani held a high level meeting at his office on Friday for establishment of cattle market at Super Highway before Eidul Azha.

The meeting was attended among others included Station Commander Malir Brig Saqib Janjua, CEO Malir Amir Rasheed, concerned Deputy  Commissioners of East and Malir, Police officials and representatives  & heads of the various department and agencies including KE, KMC, KW&SB, Cantonments Malir, DMCs, Fire Brigade,Local govt, SSWM etc.

Shallwani said that all agencies and concerned departments should discharge their official obligations through hardworking, same spirit and enthusiasm as last year for providing maximum facilities to the general public. All should work collectively as on one page and line through close coordination and contacts, to achieve the desired results to complete the task accordingly.

Previously we had some draw back and through proper feedback of all stakeholders, we would get the better results.

He asked the police and Rangers officials to perform their duties as usual, with addition to look after and maintain the law and order situation, safety and security of people and animals during mandi activities besides ensure safety, security and flow of traffic during the event and even after Eidul Azha. He further said that repair and maintenance of all roads etc, installation of Street lights, supply of water, sanitation, sewage, operation against of illegal encroachments, supply and distribution of electricity, cleanliness, clearance of garbage, medical and veterinary treatment facilities, command and control system, help line and other issues would be achieved properly.

The Station Commander Malir Brig Saqib Janjua  informed about the pre-arrangements and measures taken for establishment of 700 acre on superhighway as per every year schedule.

Awards of different works have been given to various contractors; all other remaining arrangements will be finalised before 1st July meeting.

All security and law enforcing agencies were on one page, besides with the help and assistance by district administration other issues will be resolved to achieve the targets set for that purpose successfully to provide maximum relief and facilities to the commuters and visitors of the cattle mandi. Now parking will be centralised and patrolling will be continued in the area with CCTV cameras by set up zones, comprehensive vigilance by Police, Rangers and others will be ensured through joint command & control system and Helpline designated for the event.

Previously approximately more than 4 to 4.5 Lac animals came while 7 to 8 lac people will visit and involved in business there, he added.

Commissioner Karachi Iftikhar Shallwani directed the officials that during the cattle market activities and even after that during Eidul Azha, they would ensure their duties diligently, effectively and efficiently, any illegal mandi would be discouraged at every level, as the government had already notified only 8 mandis officially, no other will be allowed in their jurisdiction at any cost, he concluded.

Heads and Officers of respective departments and agencies, in light of their experiences, suggested some feedback, MD Sindh Solid Waste Management (SSWM) A.D Sajnani informed that previously garbage and other waste materials of mandi were not dropped at designated [land fill] sites, but it is necessary to follow, the procedure, it will be dropped t that sites and get proper slips of SSWM otherwise it will make danger and spreading the various diseases among masses.

Veterinary staff had also suggested that proper fumigation and necessary spray & other measures may be taken for the welfare of the people and staff on duty. This was assured by the chair accordingly.