KASUR-The skyrocketing hike in the prices of daily-use items has added to the miseries of the common and has pushed the poor and lower middle class to starvation, raising the number of those already living below poverty line.

During a survey conducted by this correspondent, life has become miserable for the people in general and the lower middle class and the poor particularly in the aftermath of an unprecedented hike in the prices of every daily-use item, “not to speak of the small luxuries of life.”

Talk to any person at the corner of a street, he would realise as if he was waiting for you to “speak out his heart” about the multifarious problems caused by the inflation. This correspondent talked to an elderly person who introduced self as Baba Latif. He spoke angrily, saying where gone tall claims of the PTI which used to claim that it would make a “New Pakistan.” They (rulers) seem to have been hell bent-on snatching last loaf of bread from the people,” he regretted. He said the already overburdened common is sobbing under the unprecedented price-hike but the rulers appear oblivious to their plight.

So many other people to whom this reporter talked, told the sorry tale of their problems caused by the increase in the prices of petroleum products and utilities tariffs and its trickle-down effect on other sectors of life.

The current situation has decreased further the buying power of the common man who was already finding it hard to make both ends meet. The people regretted that the prices of every staple food item from vegetables to meat and other stuffs, have witnessed threefold hike, leaving people cursing their fate and the rulers.

People have demanded the rulers to sit down and draw a comprehensive strategy to tackle the situation and bail the masses out of this quagmire of multifarious problems.