There has been much talk about the construction of dams on River Indus to meet water and power shortages. However, no concrete steps have been taken. General Musharaf launched the Bhasha dam project. However, his predecessor did not pay heed to the project. In 2014 with the financial assistance of the world bank, Dasu Dam project was launched by WAPDA. According to PC-1, first phase was to be completed by 2023, but it is not likely to be finished before 2025 because of the failure of the government to acquire land. This dam was being built on the upper hyperon of Tarbela, on the Indus River with a power generation capacity of 4320 megawatts. Approximately 10000 acres of land in district upper Kohistan was required for the purpose, but the process has not been completed. This project is of immense importance because it will provide 22 billion units of cheap electricity to the national grid. Any delay in the land acquisition can cause an escalation of the costs to be paid to the contractors.

The PTI government needs to push the concerned officers for the early completion of the project. It would be beneficial for consumers who will get a cheap supply of electricity.