The tax invasion by the government has been flaring up the inflammation (inflation) in the society as the common signs and symptoms of the (inflation) inflammation has been dominating like pain in public, heat in the emotions, swelling of the anger and loss of financial function. Unfortunately there is no remedy, the anti-inflammatory/anti-inflationary remedy available for the public. No government regimes have been introducing in the near times for the issues to immunize the nation and the economy against it or treat it. International Monetary (Mortuary) Fund IMF and other financial institutions are acting as powerful inflationary (inflammatory) stimulants for Pakistani economy and nation. The dollar drone is also causing great devastation turning inflammation (inflation) into malignancy heading towards the serious consequences of unavoidable en-bloc resection. The government stance that the nation should wait for the economic benefits but it would be too late to get the desired results and nobody sure as to when and how the current generation would be able to get the fruit of this ordeal.

This taxation has affected the common man in the society and in the coming days would do the worst. The ordinary man has been isolating from the community. All dimensions of health, the physical, mental, social, spiritual have been affected by the economic dimension as the economy is getting chronically ill. The nation is in the psycho-social-economic disorder.

The government is not cutting down its expanses and cost of the foreign visits and debts are in the marathon with each other. The foreign investors and investments are becoming alien for the Pakistani economy. Imports and exports are in the crisis, the foreign debt is taking pace and with the single plunge of Dollar it has been fracturing the frail economic skeleton of the nation. Pakistan is being isolated in the international political economy. International investors and multinational companies are reluctant to trust Pakistan and its political leadership. The foreign investment is impeded not only by the law and order situation behind the scene of the current economic situation, all contributing to economic standstill.

The government has completely failed to control the dollar and in couple of days back the more than three rupees increase has taken the Dollar and Gold to K-2.

The Pakistani nation have been labelled as the “nation for bills, duties and taxes” as there are threatening increase in taxes of utility bills like electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, phone bills, internet bills etc and there is a long list of the duties and taxes on petroleum products, transportation, drugs and medicines, commodities, edibles, nonedible and others, in addition the cost of products and the services are increasing at an alarming pace. The common man has been revolving around the payments of the bills, duties, and taxes, day and night, and the relief is like a mirage shown by the government.

The price of the gold has “bowled out” completely the poor and the middle class of the society it would affect the marriages and the matrimonial relations  and the age of the marriages especially for the poor and the middle class families would definitely increase which is other iceberg in the ruthless ocean of inflation inflammation.

At the same time the rate of the suicide would increase due to ill-defined, nonconsistent economic roadmap, and exotic teams. People are forced to commit suicide as they are exhausted to face the hunger, poverty and uncertain future.

The children are facing the malnutrition, the infant and child mortality rates are increasing secondary to malnutrition, poor immunity, infections and insufficient healthcare diagnostic, therapeutic facilities especially the immunization and non-availability of the  essential drugs, moreover the stunted growth retardation are contributing to the premature deaths and disabilities in Pakistan especially in the Thar and inner Sind, as a gift of inflammation (inflation)  and the condition would worsen in the coming days.

The price control mechanism and regulatory authorities have been failing to maintain the homogeneity in the prices thus to curb the costs and ultimately the common public are left alone in the wilderness.

The happiness on the faces of the people has vanished; each Pakistani face is in the deep agony and depression.

Unemployment is also accelerating as the job opportunities both in the public and private sectors are shrinking due to this economic turmoil contrary to the promise of the government to provide the one million jobs.

The adulteration a derivative of the inflation /inflammation is at the peak. The common edibles like milk and milk products, ghee, oil .meat, cereals, sugar, spices are not getting out of the reach of the communities but they are adulterated thus adding toxicity to life shared through the government.

Putting the politicians in jails is not achievement but to recover the so called the looted money /assets is a titanic tasks which should be attained without any delays by fullfiling all  the legal formalities and following political ethics.

The crimes are the politico-economic byproduct. The crime rate would also increase in the society, especially the street crimes, beggary, child abuse, human and drug trafficking including the prostitution in the society are likely to be increased manifolds.

The nation should rely on its own resources. The economy of the country is passing through the worst ever economic disaster further more 

The nation is being baked in the oven of the inflation at the cost of Pakistani politicians and vicious cycle of their personal interests and motives even the foetus in the womb of the mother is not safe from its effects right from the first day of the conception. The government must revise its economic plans, priorities focusing the common public and their needs and expectations without showing off fancy dialogues, promises to prolong its rule by diverting the attention towards fancy amphitheatre of jailing in jailing out. The microscopic review is required as where to spent, where to limit where to tax, where to relax, with less depending on the international financial institutions and without any political victimization, to bring about the positive health, economic stability and prosperity at the macroscopic level.