I have some concerns with the President of the National bank of Pakistan as well as the Chief Justice Supreme Court about the petition case filed by the bank to review 70 % pension which has already been approved by the Lahore High Court and restored by the Apex court. The Apex court ordered the bank to give the pension benefits of 70 % rather than the reduced rate of 33% to its retired employees since the pension is a recurring right.

The review petition has been adjourned every month and is pending for more than three years now. This delay means that the maximum number of retirees can die waiting for the decision since the majority of them have already aged above 80 years and are suffering from financial difficulties.

I am also one of the retired employees of the bank. I retired as the Vice President in the year 2002. My pension was fixed at Rs. 4719/- p.m at the rate of 10 % of the then rigid retirement policy of the bank. After sixteen years, it has been increased to Rs. 13,876 p.m. How can I afford my daily expenses and other family affairs with such a small amount? The bank has also not increased my pension for many years. On the other hand, the bank management has recently awarded millions of rupees as salary packages and other financial benefits to its working staff, officers, and executives.

All the retired employees want an immediate decision of the case by the Apex court so that the bank can give us the annual increase we have been refused earlier.