TOBA TEK SINGH - Two persons died and several others got injured during heavy windstorm in Gojra and Toba here Friday night.

According to the police and Rescue 1122, the windstorm was so strong that it caused falling of walls and roofs of dozens of houses, hundreds of trees, electricity pylons, transformers, signboards and billboards on roadsides.

Rescue 1122 said that in Chak 431/JB Gojra, the wall of a house collapsed as a result two persons - Nasir Mahmood,35, and his niece Zainab Bibi, 7, came under the debris. Villagers rescued them in critical condition but they succumbed to their wounds when they were being shifted to Gojra Tehsil Headquarter Hospital.

In Chak 427/JBGojra, the roof of a house fell down and five persons came under it. As a result, they got injured seriously. They included Muhammad Ilyas,43, his wife Nazia Bibi,40, his two sons - Junaid Ilyas,13, and Ahmad Ilyas,10, and his daughter Haseena Ilyas,4. All the injured were admitted to Gojra THQ Hospital.

In village Chak 295/GB Barianwala, wall of a house fell as a result two men got injured seriously. They were shifted to District Headquarter Hospital. Their identity could not be ascertained yet. In Chak 301/JB Gojra, roofs of at least eight houses and walls of two houses collapsed, however, no one injured n these incidents.

In Gojra Chak 370/JB, the roof of dairy farm fell down as a result several animals were critically wounded. Villagers were trying to rescue the dozens of animals who came under debris of steel roof when this report was being filed. In Chak 355/JB, roof of a house fell and two persons injured under it. Their names could not be known so far.

On the other hand, emergency has been declared in Toba DHQ Hospital and Gojra THQ Hospital where injured persons from various villages are being brought. The administration and police along with Rescue 1122 have launched coordinated efforts to assess the magnitude of the damages and reach to each and every injured and affected persons.