Karachi - Alloy- a venture under Student Taskforce against COVID-19 announced immediate availability of their e-marketplace, rapid and cost-effective access to medical equipment for healthcare facilities. “Pareshaani ke waqt dost, Corona ke waqt Alloy,” said Faiza Urooj Alloy- a venture under student taskforce against COVID-19Co-founder at. Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the need for PPE and medical equipment has skyrocketed, creating a massive demand-supply mismatch in markets. Alloy aim to solve this by allowing relevant suppliers (e.g. those who supply PPE and other lifesaving healthcare equipment), and hospitals to directly interface with each other to procure the required materials, thus enhancing time efficiency, lessening shipment damage and reducing tax costs. Lastly and most important, Alloy aims to protect healthcare workers. Project Alloy is a free-of-cost online Healthcare distribution platform that aims to connect PPE/equipment suppliers and manufacturers with the hospitals and essential organisations that need it the most.