We all grew up watching him on our TV Screens. He was blessed with an exceptional voice which earned him everlasting fame and esteem across the country and around the world.

The first male announcer and anchor of Pakistan Television, Tariq Aziz was born in Jalhander, a town of United India in 1936 from where he migrated to Pakistan after Partition and settled in Sahiwal. He started his career from Radio Pakistan from where he elevated himself to the Television industry and became the first man to be seen on Pakistan Television PTV.

Before achieving all this, he had to undergo hard times as he spent nights laying under the open sky in Lahore. Tariq Aziz also showed his skills in the field of acting by appearing in a number of movies including Insaniyat, Har Gaya Insan, Kubra Ahiq, Sajan Mera Rang Rangeela and many more as he received Nigar Award for his remarkable performance in Movie Salgirah.

But a television quiz show Neelam Ghar which was later on named after his name “Bazm-e-Tariq Aziz became his claim to fame. He was the pioneer of quiz shows and game Shows in the subcontinent. In an interview he said that; he had launched this show to assist needy and talented people of this Country.

Tariq Aziz’s unique voice, flawless Urdu and nimbleness earned his show unparalleled recognition and success across the county. He took an active part in politics as well and was elected member of National assembly from Lahore in 1997.

During his brief political life, he had to face many trials and tribulations due to his firebrand and clear-cut personality. On the floor of the National Assembly, he used to raise the voice for subjugated and misery-ridden people of this country. Besides being a TV celebrity and politician, he was also a poet, ideologist and philanthropist who was always optimistic for the bright future of this country. Once he desired to donate all his worth for the progress and development of this country.

In recognition of his innumerable services, he was bestowed the President’s Pride of Performance award in 1992. Tariq Aziz was an iconic figure of this county; he introduced new trends and achieved countless milestones for Pakistan. He will always be remembered for an endless legacy he has left behind.