KARACHI -   Firefighters were finally able to extinguish an inferno after several hours  struggle at a superstore in  Karachi’s Clifton area on Sunday morning.

“The incident took place at a superstore near Clifton’s Do Talwar area after a fire broke out in a superstore at 6am due to a short circuit,” officials said, adding that six fire tenders took part in controlling the blaze. “The goods kept in the superstore were burnt to ashes due to the fire, however, no casualties were reported in the blaze,” the police said.

Earlier this month, a bedsheet manufacturing factory, located at the SITE area in Karachi, caught an uncontrollable fire.

According to the fire brigade officials as soon as the fire was reported, two fire tenders were dispatched.

The officials had described the fire as a third-degree fire, saying eight fire tenders engaged in putting out the blaze and fire brigades had been called in from across the city, while a snorkel was also used to put out the blaze.