LAHORE-The endearing and exuberant Faiza Mughal comes forth as a breath of fresh air. She’s as glamorous as she is pure, and she drives her point home, albeit with some bizarre contradictions.

There’s a lot that she has to say, a lot that one knows comes out filtered, but despite all, Faiza makes up for a compelling revelation.

Faiza started her career in showbiz industry back in 2013, her appearance did not go unnoticed on many films namely ‘Kaaf Kangna’, ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat’, ‘Masoom’, ‘Sawateen’ beside others. Faiza explained that before coming to the industry, she watched and learnt a lot from film ‘Fashion’.

Stirring the conversation to the stature of women in showbiz, when asked, Faiza claimed herself to be a feminist.

Being a feminist it was relevant to ask her about the much-tabooed menace of sexual harassment from within the industry that’s been doing rounds ever since celebrated Hollywood film-maker Harry Weinstein was called out for being a perpetrator, and it is no less a fact in the Pakistani entertainment scene.

“I think we’ve all had different experiences, but I feel there’s nothing like that in our industry!

Most producers and directors have their families in the industry as well and thankfully, never have I come across something of such sort, neither has any other girl told me about it,” she maintained. “You need to know how to conduct yourself, where and be more careful about yourself. Nobody would dare say anything if you know how to carry yourself. It’s all about social media now, nothing can stay hidden for too long. More than the industry, there’s abuse on the roads, in schools which needs to be corrected.”