DADU -  Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) MPA Barrister Peer Mujeeb-ul-Haq has demanded the PTI-led federal government withdraw its decision of raise in petroleum products’ (POL) prices so that relief could be provided to the masses at a time when they are already faced with problems on multiple fronts.

Condemning an increase in POL prices, the MPA said that by doing so the federal government had taken revenge from the masses.

He was of the view that the people did not vote for the PTI in the general elections of 2018. “Instead the party was brought to power,” he alleged. Peer Mujeeb said that at a time when POL prices were lowest in the international market, the federal government had levied too many taxes which led to hike in the prices. Peer Mujeeb also lashed out at the finance minister for not announcing raise in the salaries of government servants in the federal budget.


“Before coming into power, the finance minister used to criticise the then federal government every time it raised the prices of basic commodities, but now he was completely silent,” the MPA said, and added, “Immature rulers have proved that they are not capable of running the country’s affairs.”

He further said the federal government had completely failed to deliver, leaving the masses to suffer. “Prime Minister Imran Khan, before coming into power, had promised with the masses that he would provide 10 million jobs, but he has failed to fulfill his promise up till now,” he said, and added, “That’s why jobless youth are committing suicide in the country.”