Faisalabad - The water and sanitation agency (WASA) had made comprehensive monsoon plan to tackle the emergency like situation during the heavy rains and WASA services were being improved to provide better facilities of water supply and drainage. This was informed by WASA Managing Director (MD) Jabbar Anwar while giving briefing to the parliamentarians. Federal Parliamentary Secretary Mian Furrukh Habib, MPAs Nazar Latif, Mian Khayal Kastro, Vice Chairman WASA Sh Shahid Javed and other were present on the occasion.

WASA Managing Director (MD) informed that sore points and low lying areas in the city had been identified and emergency camps had been set up near these points for carrying out prompt action to drain out the rainwater without any delay. He told that the proposals of WASA three years business plan had been approved by FDA Governing body which would be beneficial to strengthen the WASA’s financial position if it would be approved by the Punjab Government.

He also informed the financial constraints being faced by WASA and sought Parliamentarians support for taking special funds for government to steer the WASA out of financial crisis. Federal Parliamentary Secretary Mian Furrukh Habib said that present Government was working on the policies of strengthening the public institutions through multidimensional reforms.

He said WASA would be made the best Agency by coordinated efforts. He said that funds of Rs 350 million had been taken for WASA earlier and more funds of Rs 730 million would also be got sanctioned to meet the present financial crisis. He also appreciated the WASA three year business plan and assured that it would be got approved from Punjab Government.

He said that efforts would also be made to take the sanction of subsidy for WASA Faisalabad as equal to Lahore. He said that the previous government ruined the institutions and we were endeavoring for the restoration of dignity of the public institutions. He stressed upon all out preparations for monsoon season and said WASA should deliver best services to clean the city from rain water to come up the expectations of the citizens.

He urged upon early completion of the WASA schemes at Waris pura, Dastgeer pura and other adjacent localities. Other parliamentarians also assured their full cooperation for getting the required funds for WASA on emergency basis for the self reliance of WASA with regards to services delivery.