There is a need to plan new cities as old ones have been exhausted due to huge influx of population to urban areas that has caused inadequacy of basic civic facilities like education, health, habitat and employment. We have the space along both sides of our Motorways, M-1 and M-2, where villages can be turned into major cities. For example, the Kalar Kahar point on the Motorway is very central and strategic. It has a beautiful lake and gardens. It also has a fascinating historic background. There are shrines of famous saints here where beautiful peacocks and other extinct birds native to the area can be found. Kalar Kahar should be developed into a full-fledged new city that, ideally, should have universities of engineering, agriculture, medical colleges with teaching hospitals, boarding schools and vocational institutes to serve the needs of the population of district Mianwali. With the development of the above-mentioned institutions at Kalar Kahar, it may be transformed into another beautiful city like Islamabad. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, via e-mail, March 25.