Is it constitutionally justified for Mr Aitzaz Ahsan to hoist Pakistan flag at the residence of CJP in the company of political nobodies and all and sundry from politics with the excuse that he was fulfilling the promise of BB Shaheed? Isn't he politicising the whole thing by running down the contribution of great luminaries of the lawyers' movement like Munir A. Malik and Ali Ahmed Kurd who are also being ignored by Mr Ather Minallah in his frequent press conferences? Does Mr. Ahsan realise that by excluding political leaders of all others except PPP supporters in the flag-hoisting ceremony, he is rubbing the shine off the lawyers' movement? Granted Mr Ahsan wants to become a hero but if the desire burns so bright in him, why doesn't he file constitutional cases against 58-2B, the 17th amendment, Governor's rule in Punjab, the drone attacks in FATA and all the unconstitutional acts of Asif Zardari during the last one year? I also wish to point out that it does not behove Aitzaz Ahsan to make presumptuous statements on behalf of CJP like "He would not hear the NRO case" or "I smell a rat, some mischief is afoot" or "we will safeguard the remainder of his tenure". It looks like he is interfering in the functioning of CJP and impacting his impartial image. -ABDULLAH J. MOHAMMAD, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, March 21.