REPORTEDLY the size of PML(Q)'s forward bloc as it attains 51 percent strength with the induction of new members has increased than the original body. With this development, the bloc could claim to be the official Q-league with the status of a parliamentary party and thus will be free without any restriction to join hands in a coalition with the PML(N). An announcement of the party's leader is expected soon. And, interestingly enough, if things happen according to the plan, it will be the PML(Q), which would be considered as a forward bloc. This has political implications as well. The leadership of the Q-league, which was instrumental in providing its services to a dictator, stands isolated. Party leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain reacting sharply to the reports indicating the disintegration of the party on Friday has said that the forward bloc members would be dealt with severely but keeping in view PML(Q)'s track record that has dealt a big blow to its repute, it is becoming hard for the party to preserve its unity. The party stalwarts had been extending support aimed at facilitating the arbitrary and harsh rule of General Musharraf who used the party to enlist the support of turncoats from across the political divide. It is an irony that the party has to taste its own medicine. This should serve as an eye opener for other political parties not to play into the hands of a dictator or agencies for that matter. Now that the forward bloc has won the number's game the best way for it would be to become a part of PML(N) that would help the party form a government in the province without much trouble. While a number of smaller groups under different subtitles claim themselves to be the Pakistan Muslim League, the PML(N) in reality will emerge as a much stronger party. This will moreover strengthen the two-party system that is gradually taking shape in the country. With one of the main parties ruling at the centre, in the presence of a strong opposition, the system will work better than before.