LAHORE - The strong and time-tested friendship between Chinese and Pakistan governments need to be applied at the people-to-people level. These views were expressed by the Chinese Ambassador Liu Jian while addressing the celebrations of 60-years Pak-China Friendship at the Government College University (GCU). Punjab Minister Ch Ghafoor, GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Ikramul Haq (SI), Pak-China Bureau Chief Executive Officer Zaffurdin Mahmood and international relations experts attended the celebrations orgainsed in collaborations with the Punjab government. The Chinese Ambassador said the Pakistani premier would visit China in May and this visit would hopefully take Pak-China friendship one-step forward. He said a Chinese delegation comprising mainstream leaders was also scheduled to visit Pakistan in the end of this year. Liu Jian said China would fulfill all its commitments with Pakistan in the field of energy, agriculture, industry and development sector. He said they would also provide support in rehabilitation of flood-hit areas. Talking about strengthening the people-to-people contact, the Chinese Ambassador said the youth was the hope of both the countries. He said the objective of celebrating the 2011 as the year of friendship is to inherit this 60-years Pak-China friendship to next generations. He said both the governments had also agreed to enhance and expand youth and culture exchange programmes. He said a Chinese youth delegation had recently ended his visit to Pakistan and a Pakistani youth delegation would leave for China soon. Liu said a delegation of 100 high school boys and girls would also attend Summer Camp in China this year. The Ambassador repeated the words of Chinese premier that Pak-China is higher than the Himalayas, sweeter than honey and deeper than the ocean. He said China has 20 direct neighbors but Pakistan is the closest and best friend of China. He said it is not always China, but Pakistan has also helped China at various international avenues and Chinese people would never forget it. Addressing the celebrations, GCU Vice Chancellor Prof Ikramul Haq said that Pakistan should intensify cooperation with China in the field of science and technology, applied science, learning of Chinese and Urdu languages. He believed that the real change in society comes only through the right kind of education provided by the leading universities working in mainstream higher education sector. Speaking on the occasion, noted scholar and international relations expert Prof Hassan Askari said language is the biggest hurdle in establishing strong people-to-people contact between China and Pakistan. He laid a stress on establishing Chinese language teaching centers across the Pakistan. Air Vice Marshall (r) Anwar Mahmood Khan highlighted the role of China in making the defence of Pakistan invulnerable. He said China gave Pakistan high-tech military weapons when nobody else in the world was ready for that. Punjab Minister Ch Ghafoor thanked the Ambassador for coming to GCU in Chinese language. He said only those countries in the world have progressed who have preferred and promoted their National languages and Chinese are one of them.