LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif reiterated his stance that he stands by his words that if allegations against him regarding release of Raymond Davis, contacting affected families for payment of blood-money or influencing the court are proved, he will not only resign but will also apologise to the nation. 'The Punjab government and the PML-N played no direct or indirect role in the release of Raymond Davis. The Punjab govt took a firm stand in the court on this issue. If the practice of begging is not given up, and a lesson is not learnt, incidents like Raymond Davis will continue to occur, he stressed while giving details to the media regarding Raymond Davis incident at Chief Ministers Secretariat here on Monday. Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Ch Nisar Ali Khan, Senator Pervaiz Rashid, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan and PML-N Parliamentarians were also present on the occasion. While stating that nothing was dearer to him than Pakistan, he said if needed, he would tell what President Zardari had said to the foreigners about him regarding Raymond Davis. About his emergency departure for London, he said he had to go for looking after his elder brother and PML-N Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif. 'It is unfortunate that some elements tried to make political capital out of this purely humanitarian problem and tried to link his departure to London with Raymond Davis issue, he lamented. He mentioned that after Raymond Davis incident, he had declared in unequivocal terms that the blood of every Pakistani was as precious as that of the citizen of any other country, and he had also stated that no pressure would be allowed to become a hurdle in taking action against the offenders and every decision should be taken in accordance with law and the Constitution since Pakistan was an independent country, and anyone committing crime on this land should face punishment as per the Pakistani law. 'I am happy that enlightened people, intellectuals and journalists rejected the negative propaganda against me and my government regarding Raymond Davis, he added. 'People knew it fully well that these are the same elements, which have supported a dictator for eight years and their hands are stained with the blood of countless innocent Pakistanis, he said , adding, that it was an open secret that these shameful characters of Pakistani politics were shedding crocodile tears over the death of two innocent citizens, but had a record of extending their full support to the dictator in Lal Masjid and Bajaur tragedies. 'On the other hand, he said, 'people of Pakistan also know that Shahbaz Sharif cannot be a part of any dirty game. Allah Almighty has granted me the courage not to compromise on the Raymond issue, and come up to the expectations of the masses, he said. Shahbaz further mentioned that he wanted to make it clear that nothing was more important to him than the honour and the prestige of the country. 'As soon as I received information about the incident, I directed the administration to immediately arrest the culprit irrespective of any consideration. What happened in Lahore after the incident is unprecedented in countrys history. Has anyone dared to take action against an American involved in violating the law in the 63 years of the history of the country? Was an FIR or a case under Section 302 registered against any foreigner? Has any American ever been kept in prison? Has any government taken the courage to initiate legal proceedings in any such matter?, he questioned, while himself replying that his government registered a case against Raymond Davis the same day and started legal proceedings. 'Had the government not arrested Raymond Davis or taken action against Raymond in accordance with the public sentiments and national pride, he would have been released within the first week. Inspite of political pressure, the Punjab government showed no flexibility. Passport of Raymond Davis is still with the government. I want to make it clear with complete honesty that the prosecution team of the provincial government resisted the release of the accused till the end and raised forceful objections during the hearing of the case, he said, while also mentioning that the prosecution team had also requested adjournment of the proceedings for two days, but the learned court rejected the request and ordered release of the accused. Shahbaz maintained that the time had come for the nation to unite against drone attacks, and PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, would be a forerunner in this regard. 'Political freedom is not possible without economic independence, and there is a need for the nation to stand on its own feet and shed the habit of reliance on foreign aid, he said, adding, that he had been talking about self-reliance and getting rid of foreign loans for the last two years so that Pakistan could regain its lost status. 'It is better to die with honour than to survive on foreign loans and assistance. A nuclear power is not supposed to beg and there is a need to develop indigenous resources in the interest of national sovereignty and independence, he added. Ch Nisar Ali Khan in his address said that PML-N would raise Raymond Davis issue in the National Assembly. He said that Nawaz Sharif was deeply concerned over this issue and the situation of the country, and the matter would not be allowed to be put on the back burner and the facts would be brought before the nation. Shahbaz Sharif on the occasion specially prayed for the success of national cricket team in the World Cup semi-final. He advised Pakistani players to shun every pressure. 'Not only Pakistani nation but the entire Muslim Ummah from Casablanca to Kuala Lumpur is praying for the success of national team, he said, adding, that he had prayed for the success during his visit to Data Darbar.