The world is witnessing today an Arab peoples revolutionary chaos. The uprising ranging from Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Oman, to Bahrain was regarded as revolution by the world and the people of these countries as freedom fighters. But it is beyond imagination that the uprising in Bahrain was discouraged and denounced by West and major parts of Arab world, terming it a rebellious act. The United States and European Union backed the Bahraini monarch and the deployment of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) troops in Bahrain. Following the 'Uncle Sam, Pakistan also backed the Bahraini king. To a question about deployment of Saudi-led GCC troops in Bahrain, the spokeswoman said, "It is the internal decision of the GCC. Pakistan for its part needs to maintain a position of studious neutrality as good relations with both Iran and Saudi Arabia are important for us. But unfortunately, that has not been the case. The recruitment of mercenaries under the auspices of Bahria Foundation and Fauji Foundation to fight for the dying regime and to oppress the people of Bahrain is an incendiary act. We have not learnt lesson from the Iranian Revolution of 1979, where Pakistani government supported the Shah of Iran till the end. Our relations with the new revolutionary regime suffered as a result. In this way, if, and when, the Bahraini masses take control of their own destiny, it would create embarrassment for Pakistan, as more than 65000 Pakistanis are employed in different fields including security forces of Bahrain. M HASSAN WAZIRI, Gilgit, March 27.