Mullah Omars statement that the Taliban are not involved in attacks on schools, hospitals and other public places puts a big question mark on the claim that the outfit is creating havoc in the region. He was convinced that the attacks were the work of foreign agents carried out to malign the Taliban and challenged NATO to come up with evidence of their involvement. On the contrary, he praised the virtues of education and its role in developing societies. The only aim, Mullah Omar said, his comrades had in mind was to get rid of the foreign occupation forces. This makes it clear that those who are engaged in reckless bombings and killing non-combatants in Afghanistan and Pakistan are not Mullah Omers followers; they are trying to defame Taliban. There are scores of outfits who conduct these attacks and claim responsibility calling themselves Taliban. What lends credibility to Mullah Omars statement is that there is enough evidence of a foreign hand behind terrorist incidents in Pakistan. This sinister agenda intends to destabilise Pakistan and rob it of its nuclear muscle, but also to tarnish the image of Islam. Taliban who are largely Pashtuns and believe in the brotherhood of Muslims would definitely not like to inflict pain on masses who are already suffering heavily at the hands of NATO and US forces in the region. Besides, as scholars and clerics across the board have repeatedly said, suicide bombings violate teachings of Islam, it is inconceivable that any genuine Muslim movement would resort to such acts. It is better not to give in to the temptation of blindly believing that Taliban are the source of all this trouble.