Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan Tuesday revealed before Senate that there is no mention of mid-term polls in the constitution; however it provides for holding bye-polls. Responding to the points raised by members from both sides of the aisle prior to passage of a bill to introduce reforms in the election process, Babar Awan said there would be no elections before 2013 when the government would complete its five-year tenure.However, members from opposition parties opposed the point and said the constitution allows mid-term polls if Prime Minister calls it or if the House does not elect the Leader of the House. But the law minister reiterated that there would be no mid-term elections before 2013 and the government would complete its five year term. Those who had missed the train of elections in 2008, should have to wait till 2013, he commented pointing out the political parties who had boycotted February 18 elections and now talking of mid-term elections. Responding to a point, the law minister said the government has constituted the parliamentary committee for the constitution of Election Commission; however the National Assembly Secretariat has been written to arrange its meeting.