The nation has welcomed the news very warmly, about your wise decision to visit India, on the occasion of cricket world cup semi-final match, between Pakistan and India, to be played on 30 March, 2011. This visit will not only be a harbinger of peace between the two neighbouring nations, but will also be a big morale booster for our cricket team, playing what is being billed as 'Mother of all matches'. Moreover, it is hoped that this historic opportunity of meeting between the two democratically elected prime ministers, will also be utilized as a turning point, for genuine and authentic progress towards peace and harmony, between 1.5 billion human beings of two nuclear armed neighbours. Sir, it must be made clear to the Indians that both of us have no choice except peace, whether we accept this fact today or 100 years hence. However, movement towards peace needs taking small but meaningful steps. In this regards, besides other major issues of Kashmir, water, Siachin, Sir-Creek and anti-terrorism cooperation, the following smaller issues may also be given due importance, to show tangible progress in relations between the two neighbours. 1. Visa regulations to be changed to allow visit of people to any city, without restrictions, in both the countries. 2. Trade between both the nations should be given top most priority. 3. Relatives of prisoners should be given preferential visas. 4. Exchange of cultural, educational, trade/business and sports teams should be accorded top priority, for strengthening the people to people bonds. 5. Indian cricket team must visit Pakistan immediately after the world cup, to play a series of T20 matches. 6. As promised earlier, BCCI must use its influence on ICC, to restore visits of foreign teams to Pakistan. And to show its resolve, a T20 tournament should be held as soon as possible in Pakistan, to be played amongst Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri lanka national or A teams. 7. Direct air, rail and road traffic to more Indian and Pakistani cities should be opened without delay. 8. Telephone rates are very high between the two countries, which should be rationalized according to the international tariff. Wishing you a historic success on your trip to India and victories for Pakistani cricket team in semi final and final matches. SYED NAYYAR UDDIN AHMAD, Lahore, March 27.