It is said that there are three remnants of British Raj in south Asia: Tea, Cricket and English language. In Pakistan, cricket mania appears to be leading the tea sipping and the use of English language. Today, Pakistan is a super power of the cricketing world. Pakistani cricket talent has spread all over the globe. There have been many pioneers who laid the foundation of cricket in Pakistan. But the service rendered to Pakistan cricket by Mohammed family has no parallel and stands in a class by itself. Mohammed brothers, Wazir, Raees, Hanif, Mushtaq and Sadiq, excelled in cricket and provided great service to Pakistan. Commenting on the pivotal role of Mohammed family in Pakistan cricket, prominent Australian cricketer, Richie Benaud had said: There have been some interesting families in the history of Test cricket around the world none more than the Mohammed family. In the first 100 Tests played by Pakistan, at least one of the Mohammed brothers was in the team. Perhaps many people do not know that the guiding force behind the success of Mohammed brothers was their mother, Amir Bee. She played a pivotal role in transforming her sons into world class cricketers. Mohammed family migrated in 1948 from Junagarh to Karachi. They took residence in Karachi. Within a year of their arrival they lost their father Sheikh Ismail to throat cancer. Amir Bee, played the role of father and mother, and took care of domestic chores and did odd jobs to raise the boys. She was an avid sportswoman. She took keen interest in her sons to pursue cricketing careers. Mohammed brothers had natural talent and they believed in their abilities and hard work. They never indulged in politics, but they always fell victim to the politics of PCB officials. They were treated unfairly and forced to retire prematurely from cricket. Unfortunately, to date, Mohammed brothers dedicated service to their country has never been fully acknowledged by the Pakistan government. Let the year 2012 be the year of Mohammed brothers to acknowledge their great service to cricket in Pakistan. And in this regard their mother Amir Bees role in preparing and nurturing these great cricketers must also be recognized and honored. DR. A. KHAN, Chicago, March 27.