ISLAMABAD - The Senate on Monday unanimously passed a resolution to condemn the desecration of Holy Quran by US pastor Terry Jones amid calls of the legislators that emergency meeting of Organisation of Islamic Conference should be called and UN should take notice of the issue. The resolution signed by leaders of almost all the Parliamentary parties of Senate says that this House condemns the disgraceful act in the strongest possible terms and calls upon the government of the US to take strict action against the person. It further says that this House also calls upon the governments of Muslim world to convey their revulsion and disgust to the US government and call upon it to bring the perpetrator of this heinous crime to justice without delay. The House started its debate on the horrible incident with the opening day of its first session of the new Parliamentary year after all the legislators observed one-minute silence on the tragic killing of former Minorities Affair Minister Shahbaz Bhatti. Interior Minister Rehman Malik while concluding the debate said that the government stood by the nation on this issue and ready to accept all the demands of every religious party on it. 'At a time when the public is agitating to condemn this heinous act, the govt is doing its best efforts to record its protest at all relevant forums, he added. The Minister while giving the details of his governments efforts said that a letter had been written to Interpol for initiating necessary action against the US pastor. Rehman Malik disclosed that the government was intended to write a second letter to Interpol and UN when Senator Ishaq Dar of PML-N objected to the script of the letter written by Ministry of Interior to Interpol. 'In the letter, the word reverend has been used instead of pastor and the Holy Quran has been described as the book of Holy Prophet (PBUH) instead of the book of God, Ishaq Dar informed the House. He said that the letter was so poorly drafted and criticised one of its sentences that said, 'The extremists in the Muslim world would react on this act.